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We develop hydraulic tensioners for you to perform precise and uniform tightenings or assemblies. A wide range of standard or special tensioners, applicable for mechanical assembly, equipment under pressure or civil engineering, is at your disposal.

Owing to its small dimensions (due to the use of a 1500 bar high pressure), the standard range allows you to perform types of the bolt tightenings. For any specific application, we propose an engineering appropriate to you needs.


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Hydraulic tensioner for civil works

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The DUPERRIER INDUSTRIE company has developed for civil engineering, most particularly for prestressing anchor bars, formwork and provisional installations (incremantal lunch), a wide range of hydraulic tensioners to install and remove bolted joints.

The public works range offers a large span of tightness, applying double effect tensioners of small dimensions (due to the use of a 1200 bar high pressure) with a 50 mm long travel, for a quick and easy use as a result of their light weight.

For any specific application, we propose an engineering appropriate to you needs.

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